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Welcome to FlashChat, where seamless communication meets cutting-edge technology. Built on React Native with a robust backend powered by AWS Amplify, FlashChat revolutionizes the way you connect and interact in real-time.

What is FlashChat?

FlashChat is a dynamic, intuitive mobile application designed for instant messaging and seamless communication. Whether you’re connecting with friends, family, or colleagues, FlashChat ensures your conversations are fast, reliable, and secure.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Messaging: Experience instant delivery of messages, ensuring your conversations flow smoothly without delays.
  • Rich User Experience: Built on React Native, FlashChat offers a sleek, responsive interface that adapts seamlessly across devices.
  • Scalable Backend: Powered by AWS Amplify, FlashChat’s backend ensures robust scalability, security, and reliability, so your chats are always accessible.
  • Multi-platform Support: Available on both iOS and Android platforms, FlashChat caters to a wide audience, allowing everyone to stay connected effortlessly.

Why Choose FlashChat?

Whether you’re sharing updates, organizing events, or simply staying in touch, FlashChat simplifies communication with its intuitive design and powerful features. Join the millions who have embraced FlashChat as their preferred real-time chat application.

Get Started Today:

Buy FlashChat now and experience a new era of communication. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay ahead with FlashChat—where every message matters.

FlashChat: Connecting the world, one message at a time.

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Build/Release iOS App

Build Android App (.apk, .aab)

Link Apps with Firebase

3rd Party Integration

Setup iOS App

Setup Android App


AWS S3 Setup for FlashChat 1. Install AWS Amplify CLI: 2. Initialize AWS Amplify...

AWS Amplify

AWS Setup for FlashChat using AWS Amplify 1. Install AWS Amplify CLI: 2. Initial...

AWS Setup

Basic Setup & Requirements

Basic Setup & Requirements for FlashChat 1. Installation: 2. Project Initial...


Welcome to FlashChat, where seamless communication meets cutting-edge technology...

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